The three main causes of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism is one thing that the human race has been facing for thousands of years. That’s right! Thousands of years! However, those types of plagiarism were very different and varied from the type that we are talking about. We’re talking about the Online Plagiarism that only started a decade ago. …

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Some Basic Structure of C ++ Language

Basic Structure of C ++ Language

Here we will discuss Basic Structure  of C ++ Language  program for this let’s create a project am starting Code Blocks you can use any IDE Microsoft Visual Studio ,Dev. C++or any other your Favorite IDE. Procedure to type a program This Program Will Display a Hello World message on The …

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How Create a bootable USB for Windows 7,8,10

bootable USB

Mostly people are not familiar the term about bootable USB ,I mean they don’t know how we use it .But let me clear this term for you if you are able to install window through your CD or your CD room is not working properly. The you can also install …

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Computer Mcqs With Answers for nts and ppsc

Computer MCQS

Here you can easily fine computer mcqs with answer.These computer mcqs will not only helpful for common student but it will also help for those people who are going to appear some computer test .That will see large amount of computer mcqs in our site very soon.Although other sites also …

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GW Basic Paper in urdu English for class 10

GW Basic Paper

This article will be proven blessing for are looking for Gw Basic paper in URDU and Esglish , short and long question .Because  they will face any problem in the making of GW Basic paper .This article contain large collection of long and short question paper  of GW Basic Programming language …

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 GW BASIC MCQ,s in Urdu and English for class 10

GW BASIC MCQS in Urdu and English

 Often people feeling difficulty while making paper of GW BASIC MCQS in Urdu and English but now we have such collection  GWBASIC MCQS in Urdu and English that nobody will have any difficulty regarding paper making after reading this post GW BASIC MCQs  in Urdu and English for class 10 part:1     There …

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C Language MCQS FOR ICS Part 2

C Language MCQS

Best C language MCQS for Practice 1.Which of the following statement can be used in C language (a)While                                         (b) Do While                   …

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Some Basics Of Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics

Before starting to study this course..I would like to suggest how you can best learn discrete mathematics you will learn the most by actively working exercise. I suggest  you solve exercise as many as possibly can. I encourage you to solve the additional exercises…. In logic and proofs you learn …

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PHP Book In Urdu Pdf Free Download

php in urdu

Why need PHP Book In Urdu Pdf Most of the student were worried about  PHP  language but   PHP  book in Urdu  has made there problem easy .It is due to all efforts of Mr. Shakil Mohammad who did great contribution to Pakistani people Now a days if you can to …

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Translate English Paragraph into Urdu

Translate English Paragraph into Urdu

It is often asked question that can they translate English  paragraph into Urdu, but the but the answer is yes if you have little bit knowledge about internet you can translate a complete paragraph easily onto English. You just simply copy paragraph which you want to translate form English to …

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