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5 Benefits of Having and Using an IPhone

There is no doubt technology is getting advance day by day .But it would be right to say that it is playing major role in telecommunication,because new 
iPhone are coming on regular basis. iPhone is one of the best company which took satisfy its customers properly for many year.But now I will discuss some amazing features of iPhone with you.

If your iPhone is frozen up, and it has stopped working,try to smash the home and the sleep buttons at the same time. If you have done this task then follow the instructions which are given on the screen. In this way, your device will get alive again.May it will take few minutes to close down and then comes back .So never be worried about this process.cstchz.com

1-Create Your Own Ring Tones using iphone 

Create your own ringtone, yes it is possible.If the ringtones in your iPhone are not according to your desire then you can create your own ring tone.Simply you can send from your computer to your you iPhone. But before sending you have to ensure that you file is compatible mp 3.You can send it form your PC, either using your WiFi connection or USB cable.

2.Take Advantage of iCloud Storage 

If you are worry about your storage space, you should not be worried about this matter because you can easily take advantage of iCloud. It will not take too much time for the setting. This option will be best for the high memory data like videos and photographs.

If you don’t have much data limit, try to use WiFi whenever it is possible to use. Try to set up wife where it is available, I mean you should also try to us WiFi at public places like restaurant hotels and cafes because all provide free WiFi now.

Also check other cloud storage services 

3-Use Auto Correct Option 

If you’re typing message on your iPhone, you should have to enable or disable the auto correct feature. If you enable this feature it then it will help you to change it most logical word that is should be. If you don’t need to have this feature, you can turn it off form Settings->General->Keyboard section.

4-Charge carefully

If you are in the habit of charging your iPhone with your care charger then ensure not to charge your mobile while turning your engine on or off. I am suggesting you this option because when you are starting or turning off a car then electric spikes can take place. But if you could not live without charging your mobile, try to use charger of such company which have good repute. In other words we can say that always use brand-name charger. Because such charger have the better capability to protect your mobile from any kind of electric stroke.

5-Helpful for Fitness

If you are little bit worry about your proper way to roadway your workout and your fitness progress, iPhone also has the solution to this problem. Because iPhone has a lot of apps which will helps you to maintain your fitness, such apps contains complete fitness guides.


I hope you must get aware of some features of iPhone after reading this article .It is right, there are still a lot of options for which about you don’t have any idea. There are huge quantity of technology presented for it’s you should have to grab your today and be a part of this evolutionary history of cell phone development.

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