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Some Basics of Learn HTML For Free

Html Basics HTML is the combination of 4 words which is hypertext markup language. But before starting HTML let make one thing clear for you ,what  is language ?In in our real life language is the way of communication between human beings Sam as the computer language is also a medium of communication between Humans and computers .Now we will discuss some basic tags of HTML.

Html is such a type of language which we use to develop webpage .The most interesting factor about this language is that id do not need any specific software. You can write its code in any text editor just like word pad and note pad.

But before starting HTML there are some rules and regulation which you must keep in mind .

You don’t need to get worry about  that rules because those are very simple.You only need to revise your math practice as there are opening brackets and closing brackets same as in html you in html when you open any the you should have to close the brackets .

Hare we start our first program just open your note pad form start menu bar

An write the following code in you notepad.

Hell world </title></head><body>Welcome to my first webpage
</body ></html>

If you have written the program then save it .html extension just like a.html.when you have save the program,it will look like internet explorer.

What is HTML  Basics tag

This tag tells the text editor that we are going to edit an HTML file .Whole the code will be written between <html> Opening and closing tag </html>.

<Head><Title> as you know these tags are used to create website head titles.

<body >

Title tag is used to display message on the screen,whole the coding for a webpage will be written in the body tag .I mean all type of text ,image video type data will be written in body file .

Why we use <b> <i><u> tage

The tags we use to bold ,italic and underline any text in web page the syntax of these tags will be like this.Try the following code in you notepad and then check the result.



Hell world </title>



<b>pakistan >


<u>Lahore >

Welcome to my first webpage

</body >


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How to write new paragraph in html

If you want to write any paragraph in html then you need to use <p>opening tag and </p>closing tags.I mean you need t write the paragraph in in between these tags as written below .


<p>If you want to learn computer tips and tricks then keep visiting the cstechz.com</ p>

</body >

How to write new line

When you write something in then if you want to move to next line then pressing enter will not effect the whole websites .here you need to enter <br>tag to move to next line and this tag don’e need any closing tag.

How to write heading in html

If you want to write any heading in before any paragraph then you will write different heading tags from


Just keep one thing in your minds these tags also need closing tags,I mean if you use <h2>in the begging of any line ,you will need to used </h3>  at the end of line

What are tags attribute in Html

If you are using tags in html then you must be aware of attributes I mean how you use a tag suppose you are writing a paragraph and you want to put in the center of document then you must write like this

<p align=”center”>CSTECH.Com is very interesting website which facilitate it user to learn I.T <p>

This tag will put paragraph at the center of page but if you want to write In left or right side then you will use following tages.

<p align=”left”>CSTECH.Com is very interesting website which facilitate it user to learn I.T </p>

<p align=”right”>CSTECH.Com is very interesting website which facilitate it user to learn I.T </p>

How to change font size in HTML

As in other text editor you can increase or decrease the size and color of text same as you can increase the font size ,change the font color and change font style too.

<font size=7> learn c++ in cstechz.com</font>

It will increase the size of the font.

Following code will the the color of text

<font color=”red”> learn c++ in cstechz.com</font>

How to draw a line

In various websites you have seen a line in the mid of page or at the end of page this line is drawn by using hr tags

<h size=”15 “>

How to write comment in HTML

Mostly web developer write comment in html tags which do not effect the but helps the programmers to under stand the code.you write the comment  anywhere in the program although it will not disturb the page .Following is the code to write comment in html.

<!—-it is link– >

This text will not be displayed in on the webpage .

How to add link in html

If you want to link ,I mean if you want that by clicking on some specific text or image  the user will reach to specific website then you will use anchor tag

“One thing make sure you have to write all tags in small abc in this way you will not face any problem . “

Following is the anchor tag

<a href=”https://www.google.com.pk “>click here to see Google</a>

A :is an anchor tag which tells the text editor you want to put a link on you website.


hypertext reference is another attribute which is used to accepted the link of website and any file .

in our next article we will discuss some other tage don’t forget to give you review about this article.

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