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Best Chrome Web Store Extensions

In this article we will discuss some productive Chrome Web Store Extension.These extension will enhance the capability of your browser.In other word we can say that by using these extensions  you will be able to do lots of other tasks


List of Chrome Web Store Extensions


Whenever you are browsing any website, you like to see thumbnails, but for some site it looks a big problem but here is the solution. If you are using the chrome just install  Chrome Web Store Extension Hover Zoom. With the help of this extension, you can easily watch an image in big size you just need to hover the image, you will enjoy the big size of image.


It is often seen people are complaining about the adds which are displayed on almost every site those not only disturb your work but also so leave bad impact on your internet speed. But Adblock is a Chrome Web Store Extension by installing this extensions ads or banner will not be displayed on all sites even on Facebook and YouTube. Whenever you open another site, it will work automatically .This functionality is also available for Safari, Opera and Firefox but you have to download it from getadblock.com

History eraser app:

When you work on someone pc, the area become a bit worry about the privacy of you browsing history. If you want that nobody can see when you search in Google, just install History Eraser app.By using this you can easily remove all the history of your browser. It is also famous Chrome Web Store Extension

Convert PDF to Word:

When anybody wants to convert any pdf file to word format are seen facing lot of problems because they have to download and install any converter but now here is another outstanding PDF to word converter functionality given by chrome extension. You can easily change your pdf file into word by simply with some clicks.

Awesome New Tab Page:

If you want to have your browser interface is just like your mobile phone, Awesome new tab is best chrome extension.


It allows you to save your data online when you save anything to DropBox then the data will not also be saved into your computer but also in your online dropbox account.

Project Naptha :

Sometimes when we see a beautiful quotes or sentences  see on the picture and we want to copy  that text image but we could not ! But now here is the solution project Naptha is one of the Google app to read text from the image, this tool is invented by the Kevin Cooka Massachuestts Institute of Technology’s student.

I hope these Chrome Web Store Extension will be helpful for all of you so do not for get to like.

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