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Best Tips to secure your online accounts

Now these day mostly people are facing the issue of internet security. I mean to say that there are thousands of highly organized hacker who always try to hack your email by using your password. But in this article I will teach you how to secure your online accounts .Mostly  there are total cost cyber-crime 27 billion in UK and their mostly targets are the business organization and innocent people who are not aware about the proper use of internet. I hop by following these instruction you can secure your online accounts.

You can Secure your online account by following instruction

Don’t Click On Unexpected Mail on Your Account

Here is the golden rules do not open such file to which about you don’t have complete knowledge in other words we can say that mostly hacker send you file as attachment through email. Now if you open that file and try to use that file after scanning with antivirus otherwise  virus will automatically be executed which can attack on you PC or email account. In social media it also works people are mostly attacked by the malware, actually the criminal have a deep look on you profile ,the see the posts in which you are interested, then they send you fashioned messages, tempting you to open something so don’t ever open it.

Secure online

Always Use Different Password for Each Site

These day individuals usually having up to 100 online account, they are in the habit of to keep the passwords on the name of loved one’s first pet name sports team, use birthday as a passwords. They also use same password for all sites which can be harmful and another important this is any word which is used in dictionary can be cracked easily. So try taken make your password with the combination of character and numeric digits. If you are logging into some then never use your real email password.

Must Use Antivirus for Your PC

If you are using the computer the make sure the use of antivirus otherwise it can be harmful for yourself. Because mostly antivirus detect virus when you run it.

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Use Wiper Your Phone Feature If You Have

There are some feature like Find My IPhone ,Android and blackberry help you to erase all if your personal data, in case if your device is stolen. Let’s suppose if you’re falling into some wrong hands or it is stolen by someone then you can easily wipe your phone important data.

Don’t Ever Use Use Insecure Online Shopping Sites

Furthermore the in  begging of online shop’s address will be changed http to https that is an indication that your connect is secured. Always make sure  your before any shopping from any online shop that either it is reliable or not.

Always Make Habit to Ignore Pop Up

If you are suing some site and suddenly an pop up appear and ask you for some sort of verification by putting your social media password then don’t ever do it because it is on is one of the hackers trick to hack your account.

 Make Different Email Account for Each Site

Try to make different account for using different types of services suppose if you are using different email account for shopping, for financial account and for social networks if one of your  Account is hacked then the rest of your online account will be secure.

Permit Two Period Authentication

Here I am going to discuss any other security measure if you  email or any other online account offer you two step authentication then use it. In this way when you will enter your password then it will send you a verification code on you mobile which you will have to put into verification body if you are using Gmail then it will send you a code after every 30 days or when you log on different devices. By using this service you can also secure your account to get cracked. No one should get access to your code without this temporary code. It look as little bit extra work but to secure you online account to should try.

Always Keep Your Phone and Tablet Locked

One thing make your habit to lock your devices as you lock your front door you can also use finger print scanning technology to lock your phone .

Lock down Your Facebook Account

Facebook is frequently changing it privacy policy setting so always have a look on that all setting which being updating by Facebook. In this way you will be able to secure you online account. 

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