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The Best Way to Learn PHP for Free

Here we discuss some basic things about PHP. But if you are thinking about the learning about PHP. You should have grip on HTML. HTML is very easy to learn because if you are thinking about becoming a developer and you do not know how to work in HTML. It is same as you are going to aware and you don’t have weapons.

You can ask that why we need to work on HTML, because all tasks of HTML are done by the Dreamweaver or Front page then you are at a big mistake. Because if you do not know what is happening in the backhand coding  then you cannot make any correction into back hand code .Whereas the code of PHP is written in HTML I mean it is embed is HTML.

Learn Php

Some Basic for PHP Before beginner

What is PHP?

It stands for Hypertext preprocessor but its original name is Personal Home Page .PHP is a server side language which is embedded in HTML same as ASP. But it is note like HTML. HTML is not a programming language, it is a rendering language which is used for putting image, links as well as for page formatting.

HTML don’t have any command which can add two numbers to create connection with database independently.

People who have already worked in ASP, then doing work in PHP is not a tough task because it is similar to ASP. Some people say that PHP is the copy of ASP but it is not so. Because PHP was introduced in 1994 and ASP later on introduced by Microsoft.

PHP is the official module of Apache HTTP which is the leading server of worldwide web. PHP is used to create dynamic website but you should clear difference dynamic webpage and static webpage.

Dynamic pages:

The content and structure of dynamic pages have been changing with the help of back hand programming .

Static pages:

The content and structure is not changed until the designer himself does not make any changing to it.

PHP have the capability to control all the databases including MAsql,MYSQL,PostgreSQL,SQLite,Oracle Access etc. By using PHP, You Can Create Different Types of Sites like Commerce Photo Gallery, Multimedia content News, Management File, Management System etc.  It has the capability to work with windows Linux and all other platforms.

What is MYSQL?


MySQL is very simple (RDBMS) Rational Database Management System which any one can use free of cost. MySQL not only control all users but it also provide rapid access to data. For security purpose is also reliable .MySQL is multi user and multi thread database which work on Structure Query language .It is the famous database that also got Linux Journal Readers Choice Award.

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