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Best Websites to Save Your Data Online

There was a time when everybody was worried about that how to save his data because there is always fear of damaging of hardware.The use of mobile has been increased amazingly, that’s way the use of cloud storage has also been increased. Because mobile devices have not enough memory to store all data and the use of cloud storage has become the part of every common person. On other words, we can say that almost every person needs to save his data online and to save his data, moves to clouds storage. The keeping in the view of these necessities there are lots of companies which giving free cloud storage services to the whole world .It would be saying right that there is competition among all the companies which are giving the free cloud storage. You can store all type of data in the cloud storage and you can access your data anywhere in the world by using internet. Another interesting fact about cloud storage you do not worry about the risk of crashed or stolen of your data.

Save online

Now here I will introduced some sites to save you data online.

Save Data Online Google One Drive

In the beginning, Microsoft introduced   cloud store with name of SkyDrive but now   changed their name to One Drive. It give you 15 GB storage and give your 5 GB extra if you refer any friend to by using this app you will be able to save your data online.

Save Data Online Dropbox : 

There is no doubt the drop box is the world’s best company which give you service to save your data online. The use of dropbox is very simple .You just need to log in with your email id and then download dropbox application from dropbox. After installation of dropbox you just drag your folder or file to dropbox folder and it will be saved online. Although it provides you 2 GB free

Save Personal Data Online With Mega:

Mega is also popular file hosting company, it provides 50 GB cloud storage to its customers. It is one of the reliable companies to store your data online.Copy: The copy is a barracuda Networks, with the entrance of Copy Company the competition among all cloud storage devices has increased. Copy Company gives you 15 GB free cloud storage but by referring your any friend you can get 5GB free extra storage.


This company provides 50 GB free cloud storage to save your data online.it also provide you an account to manage your data.


Box is another company which provide you service to save your data online, you can upload more than 10 GB data to Box but the only 1 drawback of Box is you cannot upload more than 250 MB file to it.


it is another big name of cloud storage which main slogan is about the security of your data. For the sake of the security of your data it first encrypt your data and then uploads it. Bitcasea give you 20 GB free space to save your data online.

Tencent Weiyun: 

Now as your now china is famous for it cheap product it also provide you 10 TB of free cloud storage to its clients.

Google Drive. 

The interesting thing about search giant, it also provides you 15 GB free. Here is another attracting factor about this company is that it is interlinked with Google plus and Gmail .It also provides you a platform to share your data and edit your files online.

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