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C language guide for beginners

Difference between Source Code & Object Program in C Language 

Before starting c language we must now that a program which is written in high level language is called source program and the program written in low level language is called objective program. A computer can easily understand object program because it is its natural language that’s way it is directly run in computer.

c language


Difference between compilers and Interpreter

Both are language translator basically a language translate are used to convert high language into low level language. Interpreter read the program line by line I mean it read each statement of program if there is an error in any statement the it will not move to next line until error is removed but compiler read the program as whole in other words we can say that the compiler compile the program completely it not reader line by line.

Difference between structure and unstructured programming languages

In structure C/C++ programming the whole program is consist of parts or module different module are joint to make a program .It is very easy to find error in structure programming.

In unstructured programming whole the program work as single unit it is not divided into module .it is very difficult to find error in unstructured programming.

What is the work of preprocessor directive?

Preprocessor directive are used to include header file it starts with # symbol




Terminator are used to terminate any statement in programming language. We use the terminator at the end of every line of program.

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Delimiters in  C language

Delimiters are shows the starting and ending of any function in c or C++ language the statement are written between delimiters   {   }

main function

Programming language must contain a main function. The working of program starts after main function .a program cannot work without main function

Difference between bugs and debugging

Bugs are basically error in programming language and the process of removing error in programming language is called debugging.

Difference between creating and editing program

The process of creating I mean writing a new program is called whereas when we make any change in program that process is called editing in C C++ language

Difference between compiling and linking

The process of converting high level language into low level language is called compiling and the process of merging require library function with object program is called linking. The program which is used for linking is called linker .the linker produce a file after linking which is executable file also known as object file.

Difference between syntax, logical and run time error

The programming which is written against the language syntax is called syntax error.

The program in which we use wrong logic suppose if you want to take average of three numbers and you divide it with 4 then it will be logical error.

The Error which Took place during the execution of a program is called run time error.

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