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C Language MCQS

Some Basic Structure of C ++ Language

Basic Structure of C ++ Language

Here we will discuss Basic Structure  of C ++ Language  program for this let’s create a project am starting Code Blocks you can use any IDE Microsoft Visual Studio ,Dev. C++or any other your Favorite IDE. Procedure to type a program This Program Will Display a Hello World message on The …

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Computer Mcqs With Answers for nts and ppsc

Computer MCQS

Here you can easily fine computer mcqs with answer.These computer mcqs will not only helpful for common student but it will also help for those people who are going to appear some computer test .That will see large amount of computer mcqs in our site very soon.Although other sites also …

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C Language MCQS FOR ICS Part 2

C Language MCQS

Best C language MCQS for Practice 1.Which of the following statement can be used in C language (a)While                                         (b) Do While                   …

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PHP Book In Urdu Pdf Free Download

php in urdu

Why need PHP Book In Urdu Pdf Most of the student were worried about  PHP  language but   PHP  book in Urdu  has made there problem easy .It is due to all efforts of Mr. Shakil Mohammad who did great contribution to Pakistani people Now a days if you can to …

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Basics OF C++ OBJECT Oriented Programming

Object Example

What is meant by Object-Orientation? The technique which is used to imagine our programming complications. Here we can say that it is a method which we use to imagine our programming problem as an object and their contact as took place in real life. Examples: In real life we can …

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How to Run Turbo C++ on 64 Bit OS

Turbo for 64bit

Whenever we think of creating a program in C/C++ language then the only on compiler name comes into our mind where as we also have some other compiler like Dev. C++ which are used to compile program. But before going to our topic which is how to run  turbo C++ …

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Types of Loops in C Language

loops in c language

There are three types of loops in c language .The repeatedly execution of statement or set of statement is called loop. In loop statement the statement or set of statement execute for a fix number of time or until the condition remains true .The loop structure is also called repetitive …

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Control Structure in C language

Control Structure in C

Here we discuss about control structure in C language usually the program are executed line by line but if we want to transfer control form one line to another then control structure is used . In in C language we have different types of control  structure which are following 1#.Sequence …

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C language guide for beginners

c language

Difference between Source Code & Object Program in C Language  Before starting c language we must now that a program which is written in high level language is called source program and the program written in low level language is called objective program. A computer can easily understand object program …

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