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GWBASIC Programming

GWBASIC Programming ,gw basic programs examples

GW Basic Paper in urdu English for class 10

GW Basic Paper

This article will be proven blessing for are looking for Gw Basic paper in URDU and Esglish , short and long question .Because  they will face any problem in the making of GW Basic paper .This article contain large collection of long and short question paper  of GW Basic Programming language …

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 GW BASIC MCQ,s in Urdu and English for class 10

GW BASIC MCQS in Urdu and English

 Often people feeling difficulty while making paper of GW BASIC MCQS in Urdu and English but now we have such collection  GWBASIC MCQS in Urdu and English that nobody will have any difficulty regarding paper making after reading this post GW BASIC MCQs  in Urdu and English for class 10 part:1     There …

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GW Basic in Urdu Part 5: 10 Class

GW Basic Urdu

Array in GW Basic Array is defined as sub-scripted variable which contains lower bounds and upper bounds .It has a starting and ending position. There are two type of Array in GW Basic Single Dimensional Array in GW BAsic The array in which we use one subscript is called single dimensional array .Only …

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Gw Basic in Urdu Part 4: 10 Class

gwbasic in urdu

What is meant of Transfer of control in GW Basic  In GWBASIC the program is executed in sequence or line by line. But if we want to jump form one part to another part of program then we use control statement .This execution of program is called transfer of control. …

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Gw Basic in Urdu Part 3: 10 Class

Gwabasic in urdu

Now we will discuss about some of operators of GW basic ,which is one of the most famous programming language Data type’s assignment input/output statement In GWBASIC In the begging the program are written in binary language which were in binary form I mean in the o and 1 form. It …

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Gw Basic in Urdu Part 2: 10 Class


Here we will move to the next topic of GW BASIC basically BASIC is stand for All-purpose symbolic Instruction. GW BASIC is easiest high level language .It is useful for lot of applications such as education science and business. The main aim behind the GW BASIC programming language is to make people …

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Gw Basic in Urdu Part 1: 10 class

gw basic programs examples Programming

Gw basic is famous and old programming language,we can also use GW basic compiler in window 7 and in windows 8 .  Problem solving  In GW Basic when we write a computer program GW BASIC , our main task is to solve the problem with the help of computer. . The procedure in which we write the program …

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