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Translate English Paragraph into Urdu

Translate English Paragraph into Urdu

It is often asked question that can they translate English  paragraph into Urdu, but the but the answer is yes if you have little bit knowledge about internet you can translate a complete paragraph easily onto English. You just simply copy paragraph which you want to translate form English to …

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How to Run Turbo C++ on 64 Bit OS

Turbo for 64bit

Whenever we think of creating a program in C/C++ language then the only on compiler name comes into our mind where as we also have some other compiler like Dev. C++ which are used to compile program. But before going to our topic which is how to run  turbo C++ …

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How to Install Whatsapp on PC Easily With Few Steps

whats ap on pc

Today I am going to share something with you about Whatsapp on pc  .I know all of you are fully aware about whatsapp.But before  the trick about whatsapp That how you can use what’s app on PC .l want to share some remarkable factors about whatsapp. Whatsapp firstly introduced by …

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How to Make Start Button in Windows 8 Easily

Make start bar in window 8

Microsoft is launching new version operating system from its start .No doubt it has brought revolution in the world of computing. It is all because of Microsoft efforts that we have GUI interface to use multiple services using in operating system rather than it was not possible command base operating …

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Best Tips to secure your online accounts

Secure online

Now these day mostly people are facing the issue of internet security. I mean to say that there are thousands of highly organized hacker who always try to hack your email by using your password. But in this article I will teach you how to secure your online accounts .Mostly …

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Create CV Online Look Official

create Cv online

Today I am going to share an easy way to create you CV (Curriculum vita) or resume online which look official;. Creating CV or resume is looked very difficult for those people who do not know how to use Microsoft Office or any other software which is used to create …

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How to buy Desktop Computers You Need

Today every person has a dream that he would have his own computer but he never realizes that if he had the right knowledge it will be easy. The tips which I’m going to share with you about how to buy  a desktop computer, it will help you to buy …

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How to Choose a Laptop Easily

How To Choose A Laptop Easily this title itself have a suggestion for people. If your computer has stopped working, you have to choose a laptop instead of wasting your money on another computer. Because laptop gives you facility to take it anywhere. It is very comfortable to use if …

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Best Chrome Web Store Extensions

Chrom Extensions

In this article we will discuss some productive Chrome Web Store Extension.These extension will enhance the capability of your browser.In other word we can say that by using these extensions  you will be able to do lots of other tasks List of Chrome Web Store Extensions HOVER ZOOM: Whenever you are …

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Best Websites to Save Your Data Online

Save online

There was a time when everybody was worried about that how to save his data because there is always fear of damaging of hardware.The use of mobile has been increased amazingly, that’s way the use of cloud storage has also been increased. Because mobile devices have not enough memory to …

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