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How Create a bootable USB for Windows 7,8,10

bootable USB

Mostly people are not familiar the term about bootable USB ,I mean they don’t know how we use it .But let me clear this term for you if you are able to install window through your CD or your CD room is not working properly. The you can also install …

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GW Basic Paper in urdu English for class 10

GW Basic Paper

This article will be proven blessing for are looking for Gw Basic paper in URDU and Esglish , short and long question .Because  they will face any problem in the making of GW Basic paper .This article contain large collection of long and short question paper  of GW Basic Programming language …

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Best Tips to secure your online accounts

Secure online

Now these day mostly people are facing the issue of internet security. I mean to say that there are thousands of highly organized hacker who always try to hack your email by using your password. But in this article I will teach you how to secure your online accounts .Mostly …

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9 Best Websites to develop Mobile App Online Free

andriod app online

If you are thinking of to develop  a mobile app then you have two options, either to hire a developer or you can use DIY rout for the time saving purpose .If you are thinking of hiring an app developer from freelancer or odesk, this can be too much expensive …

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