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Computer Mcqs With Answers for nts and ppsc

Here you can easily fine computer mcqs with answer.These computer mcqs will not only helpful for common student but it will also help for those people who are going to appear some computer test .That will see large amount of computer mcqs in our site very soon.Although other sites also provide computer science mcqs with solution but we will try to provide more than them

Computer MCQS

Computer Mcqs  list with solution

Q1:         Choose the correct answers of the followings:

  1. The sharing of data among computers in referred as ________

(a)Sharing information                                                  (b)Data communication

(c)Computer network                                                    (d)Internet

(b)Data communication

  1. Computer network is interconnection of two or more computer systems located in _________room.

(a)same                                               (b)different                        (c)opposite                         (d)parallel


  1. Computer network enables the _______of information

(a)deleting                          (b)connecting                    (c)sharing                            (d)doing


  1. __________ is a worldwide collection

(a)Internet                         (b)Network                        (c)e-mail                              (d)all of these


  1. ________ allows a subscriber to send and receive e-mail

(a)internet                          (b)Network                        (c)e-mail                              (d) none of these


  1. _________ stands for world wide web.

(a)w                                       (b)ww                                   (c)www                                                (d)wwww


  1. There are ______ basic components of computer network.

(a)2                        (b)4                        (c)5                        (d)6

  1. A device which is used to send message is called ________ device.

(a) sending                         (b)receiving                        (c)communication           (d)storing

(a) sending  

  1. A device which is used to receive data and message is called ________device.

(a) sending                         (b)receiving                        (c)communication           (d)storing


  1. _________ is communication device.

(a)mouse                            (b)printer                            (c)modem                           (d)scanner


  1. ____ is the channel which the data is transferred from one computer network to other.

(a)communication  device(b)Transmission media(c)storage device           (d) Input device

(b)Transmission media

  1. Networks are connected by ______ or _______ medium .

(a)wired or wireless        (b)signals or path             (c) channel or path          (d)None

(a)wired or wireless 

  1. _________ is a powerful computer.

(a)customer                       (b)client                               (c)server                              (d) none


  1. ____________ provide the variety of services connected to the network.

(a)server                             (b)client                               (c)customer                       (d)none


17. Server controls and mangos network________.

(a)Traffic                              (b)roads                               (c)Path                                 (d)Service


18. _________ is a less powerful computer.

(a)customer                       (b)server                             (c)client                                                (d)a,b, both


  1. ________ stands for local area network.

(a)LAN                                  (b)WNA                                               (c)WAN                                                (d)MAN


  1. _________ stands for Metropolitan Area Network.

(a)LAN                                  (b)WAN                                               (c)WANL                              (d)MAN


  1. __________ stands for Wide Area Network .

(a)LAN                                  (b)WNA                                               (c)WAN                                                (d)MAN


  1. Cable television network is a city is an example of __________.

(a)LAN                                  (b)MAN                                               (c)WAN                                                (d)none


  1. __________is generally limited to a geographic area.

(a)LAN                           (b)WNA                                               (c)WAN                                                (d)MAN


  1. _________ is an example of WAN.

(a)Internet                         (b)cable                               (c)Television                      (d)none


  1. _________ stands for network Interface card.

(a)ICN                                   (b)NCI                                   (c)NIC                                   (d)CNA


  1. Dialup modem is a _________ device.

(a)Input                                               (b)storage                           (c)Output                            (d)Communication


  1. Modem converts digital signals to _________ signals.

(a)analog                             (b)alpha log                        (c)beta log                          (d)gigolo


  1. ________ has a unique serial number.

(a)NIC                                   (b)LAN                                  (c)WAN                                                (d)MAN


  1. There are ________ common types of guided media.

(a)1                                        (b)2                                        (c)3                                        (d)4


  1. _________ media is guided by cable or wire.

(a)guided                            (b)unguided                       (c)physical                           (d)none


  1. ________ cable is used for local area network.

(a)fiber optic                      (b)coaxial                            (c)cable                                                (d)Twisted pair

(d)Twisted pair

  1. Twisted pair wires consist of ________ strands.

(a)2                                        (b)3                                        (c)4                                        (d)5

  1. ___________ stands for Unshielded Twisted pair.

(a)PTU                                  (b)UTP                                  (c)UPT                                  (d)TUP


  1. _________ stands for shielded twisted pair.

(a)PTS                                   (b)SPT                                   (c)STP                                   (d)PTS


  1. ________ cable consists glass or plastic threds.

(a)Fiber optic                     (b)Coaxial                            (c)Twisted pair                  (d)None of these

(a)Fiber optic  

  1. Fiber optic cable is used for transmitting message in form of light_________.

(a)cable                                                (b)analog                             (c)waves                              (d)sound


  1. _______ is most advanced development in the computer technology.

(a)cutting edge technology                                         (b)Technology

(c)Physical technology                                                   (d)transmission media


  1. Cellular communication is a ______ communication.

(a)cell                                    (b)base station                 (c)radio                                (d)none


  1. _________ stands for Global system for mobile.

(a)MGS                                (b)GSM                                                (c)GMS                                 (d)SMG


  1. _________ communication is form of wireless communication.

(a)GPS                                  (b)Satellite                          (c)Blue tooth                     (d)none


  1. In satellite communication _____ are main objects.

(a)satellite                          (b)wires                               (c)cables                              (d)signals


  1. _________ is an example of satellite communication

(a)GPS                  (b)Physical media                            (c)Mobile vehicles           (d)Both a, b


49. Satellites are orbiting around the _________.

(a)Earth                                (b)Moon                              (c)Sun                                   (d)Marci


  1. ________ stands for global positioning system.

(a)SPG                                  (b)PGS                                  (c)GPS                                  (d)GSP


  1. _________ is direction finding system.

(a)GPS                                  (b)UTP                                  (c)PTU                                  (d)SFG


  1. Laptops is an example of _________.

(a)Bluetooth                      (b)GPS                                  (c)Ship                                  (d)None

  1. Bluetooth offers service like _______.

(a)file storing                     (b)file sharing                    (c)file coping                      (d)file extension

    (b)file sharing 

  1. _______ is an expansion card that enables a computer to connect to a network.

(a)VGA Card                       (b)Network Interface card           (c)Fax card          (d)Sound card

(b)Network Interface card  

We will share some more computer mcqs for our reader we also have some computer mcqs related to c programming language and Gw basic programming language.

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