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Gw Basic in Urdu Part 2: 10 Class

Here we will move to the next topic of GW BASIC basically BASIC is stand for All-purpose symbolic Instruction. GW BASIC is easiest high level language .It is useful for lot of applications such as education science and business. The main aim behind the GW BASIC programming language is to make people familiar with  basic structure of programming .It is very simple to learn that’s way it is used commonly .If we talk about the Pakistan it is also taught in all  Pakistani schools .

Gw basic

The history of GW BASIC

It was developed by DR.John G Kemeny and GR Thomas in the mid of 1960 at Drmouth College. Due to its user friendly and effectiveness it become very famous in all the world

you can also check it’s history from wikipedia 

Some of the Advantages of GW Basic Programming

The grammatical rules of GW Basic  are very simple that’s way the beginners can easily it very short time.

Another plus point of GW Basic  is that it is suitable for both engineering and business applications.

Due to soft nature of GWBASIC it easily communicate with computer. We can even develop computer games in GWBASIC and here is another important thing about GWBASIC that is it’s built in functions.

What are the rules for GW Basic  Programming?

As other programming languages it  has also its own some rules and regulation are used to write the program which are following

In GWBASIC each line or statement starts with a positive number and if we use any integer number for one line then we cannot use that number for another line, it is a good habit to write end statement in the end of every program.

Operator for GW Basic

Operator are used to perfume some operation , following are the operator are used

Arithmetic operators
Arithmetic are used to perform some mathematical operation like
+ is used to add two or more than two numbers
– is used to subtract a value from another value

* is use for the  multiplications of values
/ is used to divide  numbers
Mod is used to take reminder of any number 7 MOD 2 = 1
^ is used for the  power or exponentiation
Here are some relational operators which are used
< sign is used to show which number is smaller like                                                                  20<30
> sign is used  to show which number is greater  like                                                                30>20
= is used to show  that both number are equal  like                                                                   20=20
<> it is a sign which is used to show that both number are not equal                                   30<>47
<= it is used to show that either the number at left side is smaller or equal                        30<=40
>= it display that the number at left side is smaller or equal                                                   17>=5

Logical Operators

AND OR NOT are the logical operators and they are used for the evaluation of the compound statement.
Constants in Basic

When we talk about the constant in BASIC is somewhat that will not change does not change its value during execution of the program.

 Here are two type of constant in GW Basic

Numeric constant.

String constant.

Numeric Constants: – Numeric constants means any numeric value does not matter either it is positive or negative it will never changes during its execution.

String Constants:-

Staring constant are the constant which consist of character written in double apostrophe. Blanks spaces can also be included in.

. For example:

“Allah HO AKBAR”


“14 august “

Watch the following video in Urdu to learn more about GWBASIC

also check first part  1


Watch Video

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