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GW Basic in Urdu Part 5: 10 Class

Array in GW Basic

Array is defined as sub-scripted variable which contains lower bounds and upper bounds .It has a starting and ending position.

There are two type of Array in GW Basic

Single Dimensional Array in GW BAsic

The array in which we use one subscript is called single dimensional array .Only one loop is used in array. It consist on one column or one row. It is also known list array, linear array and vector array.

GW Basic Urdu


Example: 1

10 let n (1) =10

20 let n (2) =20

30 print n (1)

40 end


10 for k =1

20 read n$(K)

30 print n$(k)

40 next k

50 data ahead najam adil rauf awais

60 end

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Two dimensional array in GW Basic

The array in which we use two subscript and two loops are used in two dimensional array and it is consist of on column and row. It is two dimensional matrix which has two or more rows or columns.

Two dimensional array



12 33 10
32 43 12
1 12 33

What is dim statement in GW Basic ?

Dim is used to declare the size of array .It is used for both single dimension array and multidimensional array.

10 dim b (3)

This statement is used to create a single dimension array in memory with 3 subscript.


10 dim N (10)

20 for I=1 to 11

30 input N (1)

40 next I

50 print “good”

60 end

10 dim z (2, 5)

This statement will create double dimension array in memory each with 10 subscript.

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