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How To Hide Your Friends List On Facebook

How to hide your friends list on Facebook,I don’t want to share my friend list with any person you may have heard this sentence lots of time because most of people are very conscious about their privacy and they don’t want any person to see his  friends list. It also created issue out of Facebook but after some time Facebook introduced new privacy setting for its users…Now it is possible for a person to hides his all type of data form any stranger person. People can only see only data which you allow them to see. Do you know how you can do this if your answer is not then read on?

If you thins to hide your friend list form stranger person then you can hide it from them, it is not difficult, you can change your Facebook privacy setting such level that only you allowed person can see your friend list but it up to you how to hide friend list.

Here one thing that is often seen when your friend list is public  mostly people start sending them friend request with no reason, and when your friend see it is common friend then they easily add them. It is really looked irritating when your one of female friend tell you about your mutual friend who sent you friend request.

These setting has been made in 2013 which allows you to hide your friends from others

You just need to follow some simple steps

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Got your account
  • Click on friend

Now on your Facebook friend list, just click on edit icon form this you will be able to control who can see your friend list and who is not. I have the habit to keep it visible only to me because it is better for privacy prospective I don’t want any of my friend get disturbed due to unexpected friend requests

You can even see the given screen shot

save hide frined listhide facebook friend list

I  keep it to me but you can share this with your friends or some specific list of friends .It is your choice either you want to keep your fiend list visible to all people or not here you can see the video tutorial which is give below  where you can easily learn to hide your Facebook friend list form all strangers .


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