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Learn Microsoft Word 2013 for free

Microsoft word 2013Microsoft Word  2013 has launched new version of MS Office 2013 which got popularity among all people due to its advance functions. In this article, we will discuss about all features of MS Office 2013.But if you are a new user of word processor, you must be aware that Word processor is actually described as the processing the words electronically .Word processor is basically a computer program which allows you to create your desired document .Microsoft word 2013 allows you to write document like letters, application books, bank reports, student reports. Microsoft Word 2013 supports to create such documents which look professional .Its luxury document formatting tool allows you to write your document professionally. It also provides you powerful editing tools that you can collaborate with anyone easily.

The Ribbon in Microsoft word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013

When you look at the Ribbon of Microsoft Office 2013, you will be amazed to see the advance features in it which were not available on previous…

In given above picture, you have seen some of the features. But now here we will make our first document, just you have to follow steps.

Click on start buttonword2

Click on all program

Click on Microsoft Office 2013

Click on Microsoft 2013

Click on blank Document

The interesting fact about Word 2013 is that it allows you to use built-in template which includes business document cards faxes etc

If you want to remove any type of text or to copy text then simply select the text, go to your home tab and make use of cut and copy. If you have cut any text then you will need to paste it but this version of Microsoft Office provides you options for paste.

Microsoft Word 2013 Microsoft word 2013

Keep Source Code Formatting: If you use this option, it will paste text as it is.

Keep Text only: If you use this option, this will only copy the text not formatting.

Merge Formatting .This option allows you to make changing in such way so that the text will match surrounding text.

Quick Access Toolbar

At the right top of the windows, you can see quick Access Toolbar which contains variety of commands. If you want to add or remove any command, you can easily do this by just click on the arrow on quick Access Toolbar.

Now if you do any mistake while creating any document, you can make easily correction in it by clicking on Undo.

Actually I am just sharing all new features which are added by the Microsoft Office 2013.Now suppose if you have a document and it is fully formatted I mean different types of formatting has applied on to it and you just want to remove all formatting then just press Ctrl+A go to your home tab and click on clear formatting in font group. You just need to remember this tool only to remove formatting but not highlighted text.

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013

Formatting Documents in Microsoft 2013

If you see the defualt spacing of word then it will be 1.15 spacing and 10 point after each paragraph.But in word 2013 the blank space between every line is is 1.0 .

Here is just few steps to increase or decrease  line spacing

1.Goto paragraph group

2.do the following steps

Here just click on the space number that how much you want to change you can also add line space manaually by simply clicking on line spacing options.

word 2013

Short Keys of Microsoft word 2013

MS Word Shor keys 2013 office short keys

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