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Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

Can I manage multiple Facebook  account in on browser, people often ask this question but the answer is yes .I mean you can use manage multiple Facebook  account using a single browser. Here the question is why people want to manage multiple Facebook  accounts in one chrome browser the answer is simple mostly Facebook user having more than one Facebook accounts .I often seen people have one account for their business second for their personal or family .They always like to open all account in single browser because in this they can save their time. On the other if we use more than one browser, you have to log in at each account separately and that will also consume lot of time which is very frustrating.

But in this my article I will tell you how you can manage multiple Facebook  accounts with the help of Google chrome browser the extension is Fb Quick Login. You an easily use this extensions. Another interesting factor about this extension is u can use 10 Facebook account while using one browser.

Manage Multiple facebook account

How to use Fb Quick Login

If used add fbQuikLogin extension into your chrome browser then you can easily access to multiple Facebook with just single click. You can add this extensions to you browser free of cost. It provides you password manager and log in helper manage your Facebook accounts. You do not need to type your Facebook detail again and again. For the security point of it is also reliable because it store your name and password in encrypted form for five account.

Some step to use Fb Quick Login

First you open your chrome browser Click on link and the press the button ADD to Chrome with this extension it will be install and displayed on left top of chrome.

Manage Multiple facebook account

Click on the FB button here you will see the message which will be like “Facebook account are not configured in fb Quick Login. Here you have to put E-mail address and Password is Optional for each account. Now enjoy the use of 5 account in single browser.

This Facebook tip is very helpful to those people who want to use more than one account and also want to save their time too.

Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts


Here is the next chrome extension to manage multiple Facebook  accounts with single browser .The use of MultiLogin is quite easy and user friendly when you  click on the icon of new identity then It will automatically open the new tab and here you can use new account of Facebook. Use of MultiLogin  also secure and so easily that the person who is sitting beside you would never know how to use i.e. mean it works with just single click .When you are using MultiLogin  you do not have to worry about your username and password because it will not store your password. Simply

It works with single click and when you close that tab your account will automatically be closed.

In this article I told you how to manage multiple Facebook accountsusing two different extensions I hope you will feel enjoy to use these chrome extensions.

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Watch Video How to manage Multiple Account using Chrome

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