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Plagiarism and Copyright

The internet has been one thing that has been around us for a good twenty years (give or take a year) and if there’s one thing why it was created, it was to make information known to people. That’s right the initial way of getting information today is the internet. I can explain that in the shape of a simple situation. What if someone asks you how many solar systems there are in the universe and you’re not a person who’s that in to space? Will you tell him that you don’t know? Of course not! People don’t do that anymore. The right answer is you’ll Google it. This is because that’s the easy way out and that will also get you a new dose of information that you can use.  Now with that being said what if the information that you’re reading on the web isn’t original? Well, to be very honest almost 90% of what you read online isn’t the original. It’s copied.


What is plagiarism

This is called Plagiarism. It is a sort of literary crime that is done a lot on the internet however when caught can show many consequences to the writer that he would never want to face. Try searching the web for ten articles of the same niche. Now select the top 10 articles that you found and compare them to each other. You would see that they are all basically saying the same thing they just have different ways of saying them. This is plagiarism. However, most of the time now it can be caught through Online Plagiarismchecker tools that are available on the web for either free or a small charge that people are willing to pay for keeping their content safe. The main reasons of plagiarism on the internet are lack of originality. The internet is a place where the best ideas win the race. If you have an idea that can win the hearts of millions then people will be trying their very best to copy your content. Why? Because they are good enough to think of an original idea like that. This might sound very harsh but it sadly is the reality of the story.

The role of plagiarism in internet society

People online working on blogs and websites are not the only people that commit plagiarism a lot. Even students commit plagiarism. There are many plagiarism detection tools in every university, college and high school of the state for the detection of plagiarized content being submitted to them. These academic institutions don’t take matters like these lightly and many students that get caught every year have to face consequences. These consequences include huge punishments like getting suspended for months or even as harsh as getting expelled from the college. Some people don’t even care about all these punishments and keep walking towards the path that ruins their future and this is what gets them screwed. So, what you understand from this article is how much our society lacks originality.

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