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How to Run Turbo C++ on 64 Bit OS

Whenever we think of creating a program in C/C++ language then the only on compiler name comes into our mind where as we also have some other compiler like Dev. C++ which are used to compile program.

But before going to our topic which is how to run  turbo C++ in 64 bit operating system I will make thing clear for all you that what is compiler. Actually the compiler is a program which is used to convert the high level language into a low level language in other words we can say that it is a program which is used to convert high level language into machine language.

Turbo for 64bit

Now the question raise in the mind of those people who are not much more familiar with programming, what is machine language, actually machine language is in the form of bits I mean in binary form and computer only understand machine language.

Turbo C++ give you an environment to write a program which is known as integrated development environment. It is a user friendly software to write edit and save a program it is also famous for its potent debugger which make users easy to detect and remove error.

I think now you have little but knowledge about programming and compiler. In past there were very rare use of 64 bit operating system but now the use of 64 bit OS has been increased ,but the problem which they mostly faced they are unable to run turbo C++ on their system because there are some computability issues prevails. Keeping in the view of these things the Microsoft introduced Turbo C++ 4.0 for windows 8 and windows 7 64 bit OS. With the use of this software you will be able to use Turbo C/C++ in 64 bit windows .This software is made by the integration of Turbo C/C++ and DOSBOX. Actually the DOBOX is a softly which is used to run such software which are compatible with 32-bit software but we use them in 64 bit operating system. In other words we can say that with the help of this software we can run 32 bit compatible application on 64 –bit operating system.

Although the DOSBOX works with command yet for the Turbo C/C++ you do not need enter the commands.

Steps to use Turbo C/C++ on 64 bit operating system.

The installation of Turbo C/C ++ on 64 bit operating system is not a rocket science, you just need download Turbo software from the link which is given below. When you have downloaded the software then start the installation wizard for software .Here the amazing thing is during the installation the both DOSBOX and Turbo C/C++ will be installed spontaneously. I mean you will not to install both these program separately

After the installation when you run the program it will be shown in full screen mode and you will see a black window. But when you customize its window, you will see the Turbo C/C++ is running in center and the DOSBOX will be in the back ground .Basically it is an indication that DOSBOX which is responsible for the running of Turbo C/C++ on 64-bit operating system

Here are some unbelievable qualities of Turbo C/C++ which is used for 64-bit operating system.

Fist most interesting this is it is a small size software and its size is only 5MB.

It avails the easiest way to run Turbo C/C++ which on 64-bit operating system.

It has addition features then the other Turbo C/C++.

Also all types of guidance regarding C Langue 


In last according to my experience Turbo C/C++ is a remarkable solution for those user who want to use   it in 64-bit operating system.

Just copy the following link and past in you your browser and the download link will be appeared.

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