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Solve DNS Not Responding Error For PTCL

It is often seen the internet users are facing the error which do not allow them to use internet in such a way as they usually use. They are also seen saying that neither their Ptcl/Evo connection is working properly nor the website is loading properly .however this issue is only faced by those people who are using Ptcl or Evo, the users of other networks are not facing this problem .This   internet connectivity error is most commonly show the message when we trouble shoot the system. The message is known as your DNS server is not responding. But now  you should not have to worry about this problem that you will no longer face DNS server is not responding error because I am going  to present a solution for PTCL and EVO users.

DNS Server not responding

Best solution for DNS error:

This problem can be permanently solved if the PTCL upgrade their system as the other service provider already have done  it . in this way, you do not ever face this problem in whole Pakistan .But here the most disappointing thing is that PTCL is neither a private company nor as fast as other companies are. You can never expect form them to solve this problem  rapidly   ,in this way the error which name your DNS server is not responding is looked a big hurdle for internet user. Keeping in view all these matters, here is  a solution by which you can solve this issue by just following some simple steps .You just  need to adjust your LAN card setting although it is useful yet it is not a permanent solution because when you  re-install your Windows, you will have to upgrade the setting again. On the other hand, you can say that it will not work until you will re-install your windowss because you have to configure your DNS again.

 What is DNS server?

Before making any change we need to have a little bit understanding about DNS .DNS stand for domain naming server which is used to translate the domain name like www.cstechz.com in to IP address (internet protocol).All of you have little bit knowledge that every website has an IP address which is its unique number like we can easily access to a site by just simply using the IP address of any website but it is very difficult for human being to remember the IP address of all sites .Basically domain name is the alternate of IP address .The job for DNS is to change the domain name into IP address without charging any cost.

What is Google DNS?

It is no doubt, Google is everywhere and it also contains its own domain service .You even have an option to use Google Domain Naming server which is mostly suggested for quicker browsing.

IP Address:

IP Address:

|Open DNS.

Here is another service which is presented for not charge .Its locale are mention below and it work like Google service /

IP address:

IP address:

  1. Resolve the problem by just replacing DNS updating.

The changing in the domain name is very cool. The task which you have to do only is to change the default DNS setting which is mention is you LAN card in the portion of Open DNS. You only have to change the setting and make sure to save the setting by just following given steps.

  1. If you are using the windows 7 then go to control herer you will see the option of networking sharing center now click on adapter setting .But in win XP it can be different.
  2. When you did the above work then click on your LAN card adapter Icon and go to your land card adapter icon and click on properties. Their new windows will be opened.
  3. This time you will see the Internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) click on it and click on properties.
  1. Choose the option use the following DNS sever and put the DNS setting which is shown above.
  1. This is the last step which is to save  it .and now you don’t ever see Doman naming server is not responding error or 404 error on pc

Other way to change the DNS

  1. Click on your right bottom

dns not responding

2. Here you will see the pop up bar and there is written open network and sharing center click on it

DNS Server Not Respondi

3. Their a new windows will be displayed you just have to click here on change adapter setting

dns settign

4.Choose your network to whom you want to connect and right click in it then click on properties.

 Choose your network to whom you want to connect and right click in it then click on properties.

DNS Not responding

DNS Server Not Responding5

If you have any problem the please give the feed back by putting you question in comment box.


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