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The three main causes of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is one thing that the human race has been facing for thousands of years. Plagiarism DetectorThat’s right! Thousands of years! However, those types of plagiarism were very different and varied from the type that we are talking about. We’re talking about the Online Plagiarism that only started a decade ago. Online Plagiarism is one thing that is increasing day by day at an astounding rate and this is frightening mainly because the creative ideas of many individuals and business are being copied and that is considered as a sort of theft that people easily get away with. However, the internet also has its own legal system that most certainly calls this as theft. The sad part is that the theft of an idea is very hard to track as compared to the theft of physical belongings that can be found very easily. The ability to catch plagiarism is very important and should be known by every businessman or individual that produces unique content. But why does it even happen? Well, there are many reasons.

  1. They aren’t aware of plagiarism and its consequences

Most people know the meaning of plagiarism and they even know that it’s thing but what they don’t know is the fact that plagiarism can have many different consequences that they may have to face. Most dictionaries online have the meaning of the word plagiarism as :

* Stealing anyone’s ideas and using it as our own/

* Using anyone else’s idea for your own good without permission

* The commitment of literary theft.

* Presenting someone else’s work as yours

So, the basic idea is of course stealing someone else’s work.

  1. They don’t know how to provide credits

Sometimes people who are creating content online allow users to share their content on the condition if their worked will still be labeled as THEIR work. Well, if you forget that then you’re in trouble as that is copyright infringement. And that will lead you to hundreds of problems that you can’t even imagine. You and your website can even be sued for not providing credits. Even if you rewrite their content they will find you using an Online Plagiarism Checker tool.

  1. Having no resources or a less amount of time

This is mostly caused due to laziness and as funny as this may sound it is true. Procrastination in students is pretty normal and they mostly want to submit papers on the last day and this is what gets them in trouble where they end up copying content online and screwing up pretty much everything.

As crazy as these reasons may sound they are 100% true and this is why they many people end up plagiarizing their work and facing penalties. If you think a plagiarism penalty is not that harsh you’re probably day dreaming as this even leads to getting students expelled in many universities. So get to work and start doing plagiarism free work.

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