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Top 6 Website Learn MySQL Free

Learn Mysql These days nobody can neglect the importance of MYSQL Database because majority of websites are based on MYSQL Database. Now the question is, what is database? Actually the database is the collection of data which is logically related. The word related means that the database is created for a particular purpose.  When we talk about the MYSQL database, it is used to maintain the databases of websites or web apps .By using it, the analysis of database has become easier and no need to worry about that how much difficult it is. The websites which I am going to share with you will not only helpful for newbie but also for the advanced users .Now if you are new in MYSQL and want to learn then get ready to learn from these sites

Here is list of 6 best website to learn Mysql


If you have even little bit knowledge of internet or programming. In other words, when we talk about the development the first name which comes in our mind is W3Schools.It is one of the best source for everyone to learn various courses online. In W3Schools the Tutorials start with its introduction. The most effective about W3Schools is that it has divided each course in different sections. Each section give you brief knowledge from basics to advance. All segments are listed at the left sidebar of website which makes user easier to switch to any concept at any time. It also contains quiz programs which help you in practices.


Hers is the next website which name is Tutorials Point. Once you open the Tutorials points in the first page which is home page, you will see definitions viewers and pre-fundamentals. But when you see the left sidebar, here you will see the content table and every concept in such easier way presented that you can easily understand them. This web contains complete installation guidance. It contains different topics like creating database and the use of queries on that database. Another extra ordinary fact about this site is, it gives facility to print any concept or to save in PDF Format.


MYSQL Tutorials itself tells us that it is totally based on MYSQL learning. It has different sections which are consisted on all database topics for every level .It also contains guidance for the installation MYSQL. When you click on any topic which you want to learn, it will take you to a new topic which contains brief description for your desired topics.

5#.WebDevelopers Notes

It is also an interesting website which tells you the basics of data base like what is SQL and What is database, why you use them or why you need them. After that you can jump to the any topic of MYQL.

It also includes list on the left sidebar where you can switch to any topic. I mean every section has complete concept of topics and examples. When you end any section, you will have an assignment to solve.

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Here is the last one SQL Course. In this website, you cannot directly switch to advance level concept because before reaching to advance concept, you have to clear all basic concepts of database. It teaches you with the help of textual explanation as other websites. When you finish any exercise, you have to answer the questions.

Here I listed some websites for you to learn MYSQL online free of cost. Now it is your turn to try them.

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