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what is discree mathDISCRETE MATHEMATICS is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete, in the sense in discrete mathematics we deals with discrete objects, rather than continues. Here the question arises is that “what does discrete object means?” discrete object means that every object is different? Or separated from each other.

It  is also called finite mathematics. Discrete Mathematics is the mathematics of integers and collection of objects that triggers the operation of digital computer. Discrete mathematics therefore excludes topics in “continuous mathematics” such as calculus and analysis.

It is widely used in all field of computer science for programming and reasoning about data structures algorithms and complexity. It is also used in business and in industry Also known as mathematics of computer….Discrete mathematics is the platform for the formal approaches. It discusses languages used in mathematical reasoning, basic concepts, and their properties and relationships among them. Though there is no time to cover all of them in this course…

It  is also concerned with techniques to solve certain types of problems such as how to count or enumerate quantities. The kind of counting problems includes: How many routes exist from point A to point B in a computer network? What is the efficient rout from point A to point B in a computer network? How much execution time is required to sort a list of integers in decreasing order? What is the best way to sort a list of integers in increasing order?? Etc.

Is Discrete Mathematics Important For Computer Science Students

It is the subject of computer science. This course teaches student how to think logically and mathematically. This is very helpful for students to build projects. Basically this is needed by students of computer science in order to make good projects. Question arises from the students is that?

Why we study Discrete Mathematics in computer science field?

They think they just study the course related to computer science and this course is useless and unimportant for them. But they unaware about the importance of this course. They feel lazy and bored while studying this course. That’s why they get low score/average in this course…..

It is difficult to understand Discrete Mathematics. Some of students face difficulties in learning this course. The basic problem arises here is that the Discrete mathematics is different from usual mathematics which they learn before this course. In usual mathematics students just remember the formulas, theorems but they never think logically. Discrete Mathematics increase the student’s mental level and they are able to think logically….Discrete Mathematics is not really use in daily life. But it is important for computer science students.

What are the goals of this course?

This course covers elementary discrete mathematics for computer. The basic goal behind this course is to enable the students to formulate problems precisely, solve the problems, and apply formal proof, Techniques, and explain their reasoning clearly. With the help of this course students think logically and mathematically which help students to make projects.

What we learn in this course?

In Discrete Mathematics course we learn about logics and Proofs, Basic Structure: Sets, Functions, Sequences, and Sums. Algorithms, the Integers, and Matrices. Induction and Recursion,Counting.,Advance Counting Techniques,Relations,Graphs,Trees,Boolean Algebra…Algebraic Structures and Coding Theory, Modeling Computation.

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